Pre Wedding Sessions

Pre wedding sessions are incredible, one of my favourite moments that take part in a wedding. If you are tempted not to have a proposal session, let me have a moment to convince you.

Why are they important?

Due to the feeling we have that pre wedding sessions are very important, I love meeting you before the wedding. This way we will not have to meet on the wedding day for the first time. 

I will be by your side nearly the whole day of your wedding so we like you to feel comfortable and not to worry about anything. 

The pre wedding sessions, or a proposal, act as a proof of what I can offer. We will learn how to comunicate and so you will feel more comfortable. When the day comes, we will be a perfect team!

Boudoir Session

Wether or not the women is dressed or naked, a Boudoir session contemplates images focused in the personality of the person and not their underwear.

Boudoir is sexy and sensual, glamorous and fun. We try to create a sensual portrait in an intimate atmosphere.

What to wear

Corsets, pearl necklace, high heels, tights, garter, a bouquet, lingerie, veil, straps...

Those are some of the accesories we recommend. The boudoir experience is the last gift of the bride. It is about her, a special feeling.

During the wedding day it is very difficult to take a moment for this type of sessions. You may reserve this session before or after the wedding.

Post Wedding Session

The wedding day usually happens so fast that it hardly allows you to enjoy the moments with time and in calm. For this reason, a post wedding session offers a peace oasis in which couples always enjoy something they will always remember.

A calmed session

The wedding day there is usually not enough time for pictures of the couple. Do not worry, with the post wedding session you will have the chance of a feature in a more relaxed atmosphere, without hurry or pressure.

Living those moments together will make you feel love in an intense way.

What to choose?

You may choose what you prefer with your wedding dress, I have special places already thought, or an incredible session underwater!

I even have some ideas if you want to preserve your wedding dress perfectly...


Your wedding day: plan your time

The wedding day will happen fastly. The day you have so many times thought of, prepared, dreamed, will pass as the fastest day of your life.

This is a great reason to invest in photography for your wedding day. Recollect the history of your day.

It will give you the time to memorize.


Having a well planned calendar allows you to enjoy that day. 

First: if there is more time, more pictures will be taken.

Second: the photographs of relaxed couples always are better than those of stressed couples. 

It is always best to have a little extra time.