We are a married couple, videographers and photographers of cinema weddings in Marbella, Spain.

I am a wedding photographer in love with art, with the intention of capturing a wedding with a style that combines, delicacy, love and timeless compositions. Inspired in beauty, I try to create pictures with a delicate artistic focus.

I am a Spanish photographer specialized in wedding all over the world with an elegant and modern style. My job with natural light and the capacity o capturing intimate moments become a perfect option for the brides that look for a magazine-like session. My focus has an editorial sign, with style, composition and direction.

My promise, as a wedding photographer, is to capture timeless images with a personal touch. Working in the same discreet way, looking for that extra in authenticity and emotions. It is important for me that each of our photographs have that feeling. From high standard events to intimate and traditional weddings, people still are my focus, as I am always looking for the more spontaneous moments. You will appreciate the memories your whole life!

I am availabe for your wedding, proposal, family or personal session.

My style

I love the natural beauty of people. I always try to offer my clients the great shots. During the wedding I identify myself with my clients and the environment, aiming to achieve the best memory for the rest of yor lives. I understand photography as a delicate art so I give importance to every second of my job.


Along these years I have met people from all over the world, so I am very used to sharing moments with couples from different cultures. I like to plan everything with time so that at the event nothing is forgotten.

My team

The result, the artwork, above all. Capturing the correct light and an unforgettable moment, giving the feeling of the lovers to a picture… It is fundamental to be professional, but also to count with a team that facilitates the job. Each second is special and unrepeatable.


Frequently I work with big companies, that count with me to immortalize their spectacular events. I also work with magazins specialized in weddings, which is an honour for me. My passion for photography has no limits.